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Privacy Policy

We're not super techy. We don't know how to spy on you, and we don't want to anyway.

We hate spam. We have more important things to do than sell or give away your information.

Basically if you reach out to us, we will get back to you.  If you share personal information with us, such as a prayer request, we may use it to help our leaders pray and care for you.  

If you specifically ask us to have the congregation pray for you, we may publish that in our bulletin and pray for you on a Sunday morning, which will be streamed online. 

If you share your contact info with us so to inquire about something, we'll use it to contact you for that thing, and maybe similar things you'd likely be glad to know about.  

If you don't want us to communicate with you anymore, let us know.  

Basically, we'll do our best to care for you and only use the information you want us to have and to use it the way we honestly think you want us to use it.

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